About Velvetwire

At Velvetwire, we are designing a smarter energy future - one device at a time. Our products deliver the most efficient way to charge a mobile device, eliminate energy waste and improve lifetime battery performance.

When it comes to designing energy efficient products, we believe conscious living shouldn’t come at the expense of convenience. That’s why each of our products is designed to reduce our impact without impacting our lifestyle. It’s intelligent technology made simple. And it’s built with a commitment to craftsmanship.


Founders Story

Jennifer Lee and Eric Bodnar are entrepreneurs. For over 20 years, they have been at the forefront of innovation, transforming the wireless and mobile device industries. After two major acquisitions and 40 registered patents, Jennifer and Eric were ready for something different.

In 2008, they packed their bags and literally set sail. It marked the beginning of a two-year journey that took them halfway around the world and would become the guiding influence behind Velvetwire. At sea, Jennifer and Eric had to be smart about their energy use. Survival demanded it, and every day for two years they demanded it of themselves. But on land, energy was plentiful and conservation was a choice. Getting people to make that choice posed the greatest challenge. Jennifer and Eric wanted to change that with an ambitious goal: make the choice easy.

Allow people to embrace a conscious lifestyle by offering them products that work harder to consume less. This vision would mark the start of Velvetwire, laying the groundwork for a smarter energy future.