Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Powerslayer work with Android devices?

A: Powerslayer and Powerslayer Blu will charge Android devices, but at this time there is no Android PowerUp app for use with Powerslayer Blu.

Q: I travel a lot, does Powerslayer work everywhere?

A: Yes. Powerslayer Blu is designed to handle power from 100 - 240 volts, which means it works great anywhere. The prongs that plug into the wall outlet are designed to fit into outlets in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and other countries that use similar outlets. In order to use Powerslayer Blu in other regions, a shape adapter will be needed.

Q: Is there a version available with UK / European / Australian / other prong shapes?

A: At this time, Powerslayer Blu is available only with prongs for the US, Japan, Canada, and other countries with similar outlets.

Q: I'm having trouble getting Powerslayer Blu to work with the PowerUp app. What should I do?

A: Try these steps to help get things working:

  1. Remove Powerslayer Blu from the wall outlet and wait 10 seconds to discharge its internal power supply.

  2. Plug Powerslayer Blu back into the wall outlet. The indicator light should flash green twice to indicate that it has booted up. This is easy to miss as it happens right as you plug it in.

  3. In your phone settings, make sure that Bluetooth is ON and that airplane mode is OFF.

  4. Activate your phone’s lock screen by turning it off then on again. You should see the PowerUp application icon along the bottom edge of the screen. This indicates that the Powerslayer beacon is visible to the phone.

  5. Unlock your phone and activate the PowerUp application. You can do this by swiping up on the icon in the lock screen or by tapping the application icon in your application list once you have unlocked your phone.

  6. Check the status of the Powerslayer Blu in the list of chargers.

  7. If it is available, tap on the icon and go to the settings tab. Make sure that the charger is set up as a “charger” and not a “switch.” As a switch, you have to manually turn it on and off. As a charger, it will automatically turn on when you plug in your phone to charge.

  8. If it is not available, make sure that you haven’t paired it with another device (such as a second tablet or phone). Powerslayer Blu will attach to the first paired device it sees so it is best to pair it with only one device.

  9. To remove a pairing, swipe left on the icon in the charger list. This will bring up a “REMOVE” button.

  10. Click the “+” add button to add the charger back.

Q: I have the PowerUp app on both my iphone and iPad. Why doesn't Powerslayer Blu connect to both of them?

A: Powerslayer Blu can only attach to one device at a time. The first nearby device to see its signal gets attached to it. The solution is to temporarily detach bluetooth on one of your devices.

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