Cables matter.


Standard cables can slow down the charging process, cause problems for your data, and aren't built to last.

We went back to the drawing board with our team of electrical and mechanical engineers to reinvent the cable from the ground up.

The result is Powerlines: more durable, higher speed, engineered to be better.

2 meter Powerline cable with Apple Lightning connector shown in Kelp color

2 meter Powerline cable with Apple Lightning connector shown in Kelp color



Inspired by sailing lines where performance is critical.

Powerline cable features:

  • Thicker gauge wires for increased power flow

  • Full wiring and complete shielding for maximum data transfer

  • Braided jacketing and rugged 1-piece cable ends for durability

  • Powerline cables for Apple devices are Apple MFi certified

Compatible with:

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod models that use the Lightning connector

  • Android phones and tablets plus other devices that use micro USB to charge

Apple Lightning Charge & Sync Cables

Android Micro USB Charge & Sync Cables

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which length should I get?

A: The typical length of in-box cables that are included with phones and tablets from the factory is approximately 1 meter. A longer 2 meter length can be more useful and versatile because it allows the device to be moved farther away from the charger, such as when answering a call while charging. Super long 3 meter lengths are especially useful where the charger is in a remote location such as behind furniture. The half meter length is great for use with a car charger, battery pack, or use with a laptop.

Q: Aren't all cables the same - what makes Powerlines better?

A: There are significant differences between cables, and these differences affect charge times and how long the cables will last.  Power line cables use thicker wires inside to carry more power and are built tougher, with a braided jacket to reduce tangling and 1-piece molded ends for increased strength.

Q: Aren't the in-box cables that came with my phone and tablet better than Powerlines?

A: Typically, in-box cables are not as well made as Powerlines, including in-box cables that come with Apple and Android devices. Surprisingly, these companies take shortcuts with their cables, either for design or cost reduction reasons. The result of these compromises is longer charge times and premature failure. Powerlines are designed without compromises.

Q: Do Powerline cables work with my phone and tablet?

A: Powerline cables with the Apple Lightning connector are certified by Apple as Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Compatible Apple devices include:

  • iPad 4

  • iPad Air

  • iPad Air 2

  • iPad Mini

  • iPad Mini with Retina Display

  • iPad Mini 3

  • iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5S

  • iPhone 5C

  • iPhone 6

  • iPhone 6 Plus

  • iPod 5th Generation

  • iPod Nano 7th Generation

Powerline cables with the micro USB connector support virtually all Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy, HTC devices, Google Nexus devices, and other devices that use the micro USB connector.