Now your charger can talk to your iPhone and iPad. The result is a new charging experience.

Powerslayer Blu is available now $59.95


The benefits include:

  • An app on your iPhone and iPad shows important information including charge time remaining

  • Get an alert if Powerslayer is left behind, such as forgotten in a hotel room

  • Your iPhone and iPad will remind you to plug them in if your Powerslayer is nearby and they need a charge

  • All the features of the original Powerslayer: surge protection, auto-off to save energy and battery life, and a stylish design

Powerslayer Blu uses bluetooth to communicate with smartphones and tablets

Powerslayer Blu uses bluetooth to communicate with smartphones and tablets

Inside every Powerslayer Blu is a computer that keeps things running efficiently and safely.

Inside every Powerslayer Blu is a computer that keeps things running efficiently and safely.

How does Powerslayer Blu work?

Just as with the original Powerslayer, Powerslayer Blu's benefits are totally automatic. Just plug Powerslayer Blu in and charge your phones and tablets as usual.

Inside, Powerslayer has a small computer that continuously monitors and controls the charging process, keeping things safe and optimized. 


Powerslayer Blu Connects to Your iPhone and iPad Through Bluetooth

Powerslayer Blu includes a bluetooth low energy radio for communications to smartphones and tablets. A free companion app running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod lets you view and control the charging process.


Using Wireless Communications Instead of the Cable

With wireless communications, your iPhone and iPad can stay in touch with Powerslayer Blu, even when they are not connected with a cable. This provides two important benefits: an alert if you forget Powerslayer Blu when leaving it behind, plus a reminder to plug in and charge if your battery is low and Powerslayer Blu is nearby.


Prevent Overcharging of the Batteries in Your Phones and Tablets

While having your device's battery maxed out at 100% is comforting for device users, the batteries themselves aren't all that happy about it. Powerslayer Blu turns off charging when the battery reaches 100% and lets it rest for a while before automatically turning back on to top off the battery again. It's called Softcharge™ and it gives batteries some time to relax, keeping them happy and at or near fully charged, automatically.


Powerslayer Blu Has Redundant Safety Layers To Keep You and Your Devices Safe

In addition to built-in surge protection, PowerslayerBlu has two additional levels of fuse protection for maximum safety. Plus, Powerslayer Blu is UL listed and exceeds Energy Star Level 5 efficiency standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Powerslayer Blu work with Android devices?

A: Powerslayer Blu will charge Android devices, but at this time there is no device application for Android. Please join our mailing list to be updated when an Android app is available.

Q: How is Powerslayer Blu different than the standard charger that came in the box with my phone and tablet?

A: Standard chargers do only one thing, provide power. The problem is that they remain on, even when your phone or tablet is fully charged, or even unplugged. Powerslayer turns off automatically. What's more, Powerslayer Blu includes built-in surge protection, keeping your devices safe from power spikes. Together with a status indicator light and availability in four beautiful colors, Powerslayer Blu is the best choice for style, safety and efficiency.

Q: I travel a lot, does Powerslayer Blu work everywhere?

A: Yes. Powerslayer Blu is designed to handle power from 100 - 240 volts, which means it works great anywhere in the world. The prongs that plug into the wall outlet are designed to fit into outlets in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, and other countries that use similar outlets. In order to use Powerslayer Blu in other regions, a shape adapter will be needed.

Q: Does Powerslayer Blu charge power-hungry tablets at high speed?

A: Yes. In independent testing, Powerslayer charged an iPad Air faster than the in-box charger. It's quick. Note that some specific models of Android tablets use a special charger which is required for high speed mode. Powerslayer Blu will charge these devices as well in the standard speed mode.

Q: Where can I buy Powerslayer Blu?

A: Powerslayer Blu is available from Amazon and at select retailers.

Q: Is there a version available with UK / European / Australian / other prong shapes?

A: At this time, Powerslayer Blu is available only with prongs for the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and other countries with similar outlets.

Q: Is Powerslayer Blu different from Powerslayer?

A: Yes. Powerslayer Blu and the original Powerslayer have the same charging circuitry, but Powerslayer Blu also includes the ability to communicate with an iPhone and iPad app.




  • Power Input: 100 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz

  • Power Output: 5 volts DC, 2A (10 watts)

  • Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 1"

  • Power output port: single USB-A port

  • Exceeds Energy Star level 5

  • UL certified

  • Folding prongs